Our history
Since 2005, we have been working with partners around the world to create handmade, well-crafted household items.All over the world our mission is the same – to make life comfortable and add value to life and the places where you unwind and relax.

Our values
Our mandate is and has always been to maintain integrity in all aspects of our business, deliver the best possible quality at the best possible price and to treat all vendors and customers like family.

Our products
Each vendor is carefully selected and items curated to ensure our customers are getting the quality they deserve. Let’s put it this way: if it's not good enough for our home, it's not good enough for yours!

Our goal
We are constantly focusing on quality and comfort in both products and life to ensure that our furniture is made with the greatest care for the environment and the well-being of people. The life guided by our decisions and our vision. A life of meaning that is enhanced by our environment.

Instant and friendly customer service
Great value and quality product
No hidden fees (ie. no customs/duties or brokerage fees)

Our address: 2224 COLUMBUS AV, SPRINGFIELD OH 45503, America

Email Address:  info@carpetillusion.com

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