The other end of the carpet

Come back from the wind and feel like you're floating. The grass on the mountain is so thick, let me think, if not for such a fierce wind, I am afraid the air will be frozen!

I held my head high, and no one in the dark could see my smile. The white Reed was cold in the night.

This is late autumn, our days are approaching unconsciously. I felt that my heart was like a new sail, and every corner of it was as full as the wind.

The stars were clear and bright, and each fell low. The stream flowed, and the shadow and starlight were disorganized. I suddenly felt a kind of happiness, that kind of chaotic and Tao happiness. I have never felt the love of creation so kindly – indeed, we are so mediocre that I always feel that happiness should give us better people.

But it's real, and the first card is already on my case. Sprinkle with fine transparent photos, the light shows a flickering and real dream. The golden bell on the painting swung, and the beautiful echo came from afar. I can hear the melodious sound, I can smell the sweet rose fragrance! And I am particularly fascinated by the lines of lovely greetings :" may the memory of the wedding last forever, may your love grow ."

Yes, Germany, always in the promotion, always in the renewal, never a side and bottom-six years, we guard this friendship, so that it is still glowing, still fresh, as others say, how lucky we are. Every time I look back on our relationship, I seem to walk into the gallery of the museum. Every scene in the meantime means a beautiful memory. Everything involves a moving story.

That's a long time ago. Just met you that year is only seventeen years old, what an easy wrong age! But, I know, I'm not wrong. Nothing in my life is more right than this. The day before yesterday, everyone ate together, you said with a smile :" I am stupid, I have only done one smart thing in my life ." You didn't say any more, but your sister clapped her hands and said ," I know !" Ah, de, I can say happily, I know, because I did the clever thing you did.

At that time, college life had just begun in front of me. The cold wind in Taipei makes me miss my home in the south every day. In that little attic, I was writing wax paper. On the rocky road, I rode to school alone. Life is so dark, the heart is so heavy. In my diary there is a saying :" I fear, I will freeze to death in this small upstairs ." And at this time, you come, your unambitious friendship around me, let my heart touch the most gentle sunshine.

I don't have a brother, I have n' t been with boys since I was a child. But it is so natural to associate with you, and it is so comfortable to talk to you. Sometimes, I think, if I were a boy how good! We can go hiking and canoeing together. No one would be surprised to let the boat float and berth in the lake. Years later, I'll tell you these thoughts, and you look at me with a smile :" Well, I do n' t want to, if you really want to be a boy, I'll be a girl. "Now, de, I'm not a boy, but we can travel and dream of mountains and lakes, because we' ll have a closer relationship. Ah, imagine how beautiful it is for all living beings to love each other!

At that time, we were wearing school-mandated khaki. My new hot hair is always windblown. I don't understand why you like to approach me so much. I curled up on the couch studying during the big exam that year. You came and enthusiastically explained English grammar to me. The good landlord sent us a plate of rolls, and I panicked and ate a skirt. You look at me and say ," You are really like my sister, she is as old as you. When I was embarrassed, I just bowed my head in one way, pretending to shake the long skirt.

Those days were really cold. Every afternoon without class, I always stay on the small building, play the organ, a Bayer music is almost broken. One day you said to me ," I often listen to you playing the piano downstairs. You seem to play that sweet family. So? Thinking about home? "I appreciate your wiretapping, but you know and care about my sad feelings. De, at that time, when you listened alone, what did you think? Do you think that one day we will organize a family? Do you think we're going to spend our lives playing this song with the fingers of our hearts?

After the winter vacation, you returned the stack of Tagore poems to me. If you can't love me, please forgive my pain! I knew what had happened: I didn't want it to happen, I really did n' t. Not because I hate you, but because I cherish this pure friendship, but do not want love to deepen its color.

But I'm happy to keep seeing you. You always give me a sense of safety and security. From the beginning, I will pay you all my trust, but at that time, I always yearn for that kind of legendary, soul-stirring love. And like that little tragic atmosphere. For these ridiculous reasons, I delay not accepting your dedication. I wonder why you still wait so stubbornly.

Your little care often makes me feel. That Christmas you came not easy a few chocolate candy, all brought to me. I love bamboo shoots in bamboo beans, only you notice, and patiently pick out for me. I often don't know how to take care of myself, but you think of putting your coat on me. It is you who urge me to read, it is you who tolerate my occasional temper. It was you who carefully corrected my writing mistakes. It's you who taught me the truth. If I'm like your sister, it's because you're too much like my big brother.

Later, we got school work money together, assigned to us is to clean the classroom work. Every time you force me to put down my broom, I have to stand at the end of the classroom and watch you work hard. In the hot summer, your sweat drops on the ground. I stood speechless, and when you swept it, I waved the tables and chairs and helped you arrange them. Every time, when our eyes meet by chance, we always feel so excited. We know each other so well that we always work together perfectly. I have noticed the calluses in your hands, which make the illusory words very specific. And we have finished our college courses in the shadow of dust —— our economy has never been rich; our days have never been poor, we live in dreams, in poetry, in endless colored hopes. I remember one time I mentioned Margaret's work at the wedding :" There have never been two happy people in the world like us. "You don't care to say ," because they do n' t know us. I like your pride, for I am so proud.

We finally graduated, you walked to the stage in applause, on behalf of the whole department to obtain a diploma. My applause was in the crowd, but I know you heard it. In that beautiful June morning, my eyes with tears of joy, I feel so proud, I first touch your success, your glory.

"I looked at you on the stage ," and you gave me the diploma with the ribbon ," but for the Chinese custom, I would have sent it to you as soon as I stepped down. "

I took it, with a heavy joy in my heart. You stand in front of me, high and modest, resolute and gentle, I suddenly found that I care about your success, far more than my own.

That year, you were in military training. In such a busy life, in such a hard exercise, you work so hard to prepare for the Institute's examination. I know who you did it for. In the long years of separation, I began to understand what kind of feelings exist among us. You came to see me and brought all the winter sun in the south. I never told you how deep your parting salute was in my heart.

I'll help you collect information, the speculation of a model article broken sentences, notes. I tried so hard, with great pride. This matter has too much meaning for me. This is the first time, I went to one thing with you, so when you forwarded the admission notice to me, I couldn't help crying, de, no one has experienced our struggle, no one is like us. No one has been reading each other for many years under the cold lights of the winter night library. Therefore, no one understands the excitement of success.

We can meet and see how happy you are. We can go for a long walk, and we can squat on the old book stand and enjoy a idle evening. I can never forget that time to sail. On the way back, there was a strong wind. The boat was spinning in the lake, and you were so tired that you were sweaty.

Perhaps that is our way! "I looked at the calm and sinister lake and said ," Maybe I've put a heavier burden on you ".

I don't care, I' m glad to fight! "You speak so eagerly that I dare not look at you ," as long as you are willing to be on my boat, Xiaofeng, you are my sweetest load. "

That day our ship closed the bank smoothly. De, I forgot to tell you that I would like to stay on your ship, and I would like to give you the position of the helmsman. No one can give me the sense of security you give me.

Just, the crowd is boundless, where is our relief boat? Over the past two years, in order to start a family, we have been tired of almost abusing ourselves. Every time, your happy smile always encourages me.

That night you sent me back to the dorm, and when we stepped up the sloping hillside, you stopped and said ," I'll wait for you at the other end of the carpet! I waited for you, Xiaofeng, until you were completely satisfied with me ."

I looked up, and the long road stretched like a soft red carpet in front of the altar. I hesitated for a moment and stepped forward.

In retrospect, I don't remember whether it was a moon night, but I think your sincere words twinkle, and in my heart the light of the moon.

"Soon !" After that, you often say optimistically to me :" We can have a small home in a moment. You are the owner of the house, do you like it ?"

I like it, de. I like a little shack. By dark I would draw the long curtains, twist the soft lights and enjoy a simple dinner. But where is our home? Where is our own house?

You borrowed a half-old bicycle and went around asking about the rental house. Every time you came back tired, I felt a pain.

"No ," you said disappointedly ." And it's too expensive for me to see tomorrow ."

I didn't think there were so many difficulties, I never knew there were so many trivial things to start a family, but at last we found a small house. It has a narrow vestibule and a short banyan tree. My friend laughed at it as small as a nest, but I was very satisfied. Anyway, we have a place to think. When you gave me the key, the weight almost sank my arm. It reminds me of a lovely English poem :" am I a housekeeper? Oh, yes, but more than that, I have to keep a heart ." I know. You gave me more keys than that. I have a key in every space in your heart, and I have the right to go in and out.

Asia sent a tape, half the earth, his blessing is still thick around me. So many kind friends to help us clean up. The window, the door paper, the floor, the painting, the flower arrangement bottle, and the Xi Xi filled the room. I always felt that our cabin was about to explode and was about to be broken by surging love and friendship. What do you think? They are all excited, how can I not be excited? We'll have a great wedding, sure.

I'm always tired these days. Try clothes, order flowers, buy jewelry, and choose the color of curtains. My heart is like a fountain, overflowing with colorful drops of water in the sun. All sorts of strange and complicated emotions make me dizzy. Sometimes I can't tell whether I am happy or at a loss, sad or excited. I love old life, they are so lovely. I will no longer live in the dormitory and enjoy the sunset on the balcony. I will no longer snuggle up beside my mother, listening to her long night talk. And what about the days ahead? De, I suddenly felt as if I were going to be sent to another territory. I have not passed the road there, where life is not used to me, how can I not be surprised? If there is anything to comfort me, it is: I know you must go with me.

Winter is coming, our wedding is coming, I like to choose in the season, so as to spend a long winter with you. Isn't there a little stove in our corner? When the cold comes, I wish it always sparkled with charcoal fire. I like our days from the bleak season, so that next year's spring flowers have a more beautiful meaning for us.

I am about to walk into the auditorium, de, when the wedding march, my parents will take me, send me to the altar, my steps will Lingguo dreamlike flowers. What smile will you greet me then?

We've had a long wait, and now there's only the last. Waiting is beautiful, just as struggle is beautiful, now, the red carpet covered with petals to both ends, beautiful hope hovering and flying, I will go to you, and you to gather endless happiness. When the golden bell shakes and the wax torch ignites, I am happy to walk through the crowd to make an eternal vow. Because, oh, de, because I know who, waiting for me on the other end of the carpet.


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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi ut blandit risus. Donec mollis nec tellus et rutrum. Orci varius natoque de penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Ut consequat quam a purus faucibus scelerisque. Mauris ac dui ante. Pellentesque congue porttitor tempus. Donec sodales dapibus urna sed dictum.
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